The most frightening moment is when the children had to face with the landslide incident and save the train.they saw the landslide incident when they were strolling at the side of the railway line.after a moment phylis saw the tree are falling down with the rocks.they decided to save the train by their own because they do not have any much

time to inform to the station master or it will became a horrible accident.they have got an idea to cut off phylis and bobbie red petticoat into 6 flags by using a stick.peter hold 2 flags while bobbie and phylis hold 1 flag each.Another 2 flags,they place it on the railway line by placing rocks to keep the flag stand still.out of the blue,they felt the railway line began to shake.the flag that they placed on the railway line fall.bobbie who is not thinking twice take a dangerous decision to stand on the railway line and took the flag that fall and wave it.the train stop but only 20 metres from her.She fall to the ground because her leg was shaking.peter and phylis ran and told the driver about the landslide incident.

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