Dear Mr. Edwards,
Hello there! How are you and your family doing in Sabah? I heard that some terrorist came and terrorized a part of the state. I hope that you all are safe and sound. As for the purpose of this letter, I would like to share with you my visit to Malacca which can be only described as fantastic. I will only mention the highlights; although not many, they still made my day in terms of the trip.

One of the best moments I had while touring the city was walking amongst the rows of shophouses of Jonker Street that seem to stand proud as to say, "Look at me, I am part of history and have seen it all. Marvel at my old age and old-fashioned design". Even though most of the ground floors have been converted into boutique cafes and souvenir shop, its upper floors are still left untouched, probably to remind everyone that a family once lived there. My family and I spent an entire day wandering the streets, entering and leaving shops without purchasing a single item, much to the shopkeepers' dismayal, eating at random cafes whenever we felt famished, and just basically enjoying the moment.

Another day-maker was when we visited the famous structure known as A Famosa. As we both should know the history of it as to why it now stands in ruins, I will skip it. But I will talk about how I felt being there for the first time. While my family were busy taking photos, I stood quietly beside, staring at the structure and wondering how could anyone can so cruel as to destroy such a lovely piece of engineering, and not feel guilty about it. But before I coulr fuel mu own debate, my parents dragged me off.

Well, I guess that sums up of visit to Malacca. Hope to heard from you soon. Goodbye and kisses.

Yours sincerely,
Esther Hoe