Last Friday morning was a quiet morning. I woke up late because of an envisioned rushing to get ready for school. Hastily I prepare before riding a bike to school.
 Although I am in a hurry, order the principal that "Better late, as long as it is safe" I still remember. Therefore, when I arrived at a sharp bend, I slow cycling. Suddenly, a speeding car Renault appeared before me. Nevertheless, I managed to avoid falling off the bike and me on the shoulder of the road.
 Accidents happen. Proton continue to violate a car behind me. Volkswagen driver flew through the car's windscreen broken. Sounds accident has shocked many people in the area. People have been acting phoned the police and ambulance.
 I lightly injured during that time can not afford to do nothing but scream for help. A moment later, the police, fire and ambulance arrived. The fire brigade immediately lend aid and humanitarian service. One by one the victims removed from both of the car. Suddenly, they heard an explosion. The explosion rocked the area. Everyone was shocked at the tragedy.
 Some valuables victims could not be saved. Victims as "fallen misery". I feel sympathy for them. However, no serious injured due to the explosion. Later, I was taken to a nearby hospital for outpatient treatment.
 I was discharged after the police took my statement. They want to know the real cause of the incident. The investigation is still ongoing. My parents were shocked when I called them to tell her the truth. I remain grateful for the survivors of this accident.