Maaf kalau ada kesalahan bahasa, ini sekadar idea. sila kembangkan isi untuk mendapatkan markah essay yang baik.

*format surat tidak rasmi jgn lupa*

Dear Jennifer, how are you? My family and I are doing fine. I hope you and your family always are fine too. I wrote this letter to share with you my experience that i got when we visited to Pangkor Island.

*introduction buat sendiri ye huhu*

It was my first time to learnt snorkelling but im doing well and i can swim like other people do. I saw a lot of beautiful corals in variety colors such as blue, pink and purple. It was an awesome expericene. Besides, there are fishes swimming around me and my brother. I barely can touch them. 

Next day, my family and I do hiking and saw a variety of plant. The air is so relaxing and I feel like.....sambung

Last day, we go to the nearby street stall to buy some gift to our friends. My mother bought anchovies and some cuttlefish to her best friend.....sambung

I really enjoy at Pulau Pangkor dll