Hi... The novel I studied is Dear Mr Kilmer. So I'll give my answer for you.

Richard Knight, the main character of the novel always stand up for what he think is right. For example, Richard didn't like hunting as his father and brother does. He bravely told his family he hates hunting even after knowing his family will be angry on him about it. He thought that killing animals is wrong. When he was forced to do it, he disagreed.

Not only that, Richard also stood up for the thing which was right when it comes to Hannah Schemer. Richard became a good friend to Hannah Schemer who was actually a German girl. Richard signed the sympathy card for Hannah Schemer's family when the whole class didn't sign it because of anger and fear. Richard believed that Hannah Schemer's family has nothing to do with the war between German and America.

These are some examples where the character in novel Dear Mr Kilmer stands up for the right thing.
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