Jawapan Paling Bijak!
School events: Canteen Day Sports Day Teachers' Day How to describe it? Canteen Day: - state when it was held/will be held - state what you've decided to sell OR what you've decided to help with(maybe helping the teachers to sell items) and why (elaborate) - state how you felt/your experience (elaborate) - state what can you learn/gain from selling items to other people (example: I can learn how important it is to work hard to get what we want/to earn money) (elaborate) - state what you hope for the upcoming Canteen Day(future) OR for the next Canteen Day (elaborate) Sports Day: - state when it will be held/was held - state what sport did you decided to take part in and why (elaborate) - state how you felt (elaborate) - state your experience when competing with others (elaborate) - state how you see the audiences react to the Sports Day events (elaborate) - state what you learned (example: it is important to show our talents) (elaborate) - state what you hope will happen(future) OR what you hope for the next Sports Day (elaborate) Teachers' Day - state when it will be held/was held - state how you felt (example: excited) (elaborate) and why you felt that way - state what gifts you bought for your teachers (you can elaborate more by telling why you bought them those items. For example, you bought red pens for them so they can use it later to mark.) (elaborate) - state the activities held (example: bowling for teachers) - state how you see the teachers were; happy, excited, anything (elaborate) - state how the students react (elaborate) - state why you think Teachers' Day should be celebrated (example: to show respect) (elaborate) I hope I helped at least a bit ^^ Good luck!
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