Yes, because the ferns have many benefits.example ,hard shield fern Polystichum aculeatum. Description A medium-sized fern with twice-divided, leathery fronds. The pinnules have less of a ‘thumb’ than those of soft shield fern, and have a broad, flattened attachment to the midrib of the pinna. The angle between the base and the side of the pinna is usually acute, and the pinnule teeth have stiff spines. The short stipes have reddish-brown scales. The fronds are more glossy than those of the soft shield fern, which tends to have a more matt appearance. Occurrence Widespread in upland areas, more common in the north where it grows in damp rocky places on lime-rich soil.isnt right?and in malaysia have many kind ferns :)so , the fens also preserved and can be used as ornaments and bookmarks. :) thats all