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Based on the novel Dear Mr Kilmer by Anne Schraff that I have learnt, there is one character that i found to be determined to realize his dream.

The character is Richard Knight, a boy who lived in Turtle Lake, Iowa with his father, Pa, his elder brother, Gus and his younger sister, Angie.  The novel centred on Richard Knight, a fifteen-year old boy who begins a correspondence with a poet, Joyce Kilmer while Mr. Kilmer is serving the country during World War I.

I think people should be allowed to follow their dreams because they can make new friends who shared the same interest with them. In evidence, Richard makes friend with Mr. Joyce Kilmer by corresponding letters to each other, especially when Richard told him about his dream to be a poet just like him. He also made friends with Hannah Schermer, a girl who had been isolated because of her different ethnicity by sharing his stories and poems to her. Mrs. Hansen also gave Richard her support in pursuing his dreams. It is crystal clear that following our dreams makes us to have new friends.

Next, people also should be allowed to follow their dreams as they can make you happy. For me, life without dreams is depressing but when you have dreams, life will be better as you have something that you want in life. In evidence, Richard always corresponds with a famous poet, Mr. Joyce Kilmer as he admired him so much and wanted to be like him one day. He also wrote his own poems and read it in front of his classroom as he felt happy doing what he likes. Writing poems made Richard happy and he knows what he wants to pursue his life. Based on the evidence, it is clear that following your own dreams will make you happy.

Last but not least, people should be allowed to follow their dreams so they can inspire others to pursue their dreams too. If one has the courage to pursue his or her dreams, he or she will surely inspire others to prove that they are also capable of doing something courageous. In example, when Hannah’s family tavern had been vandalized, Richard was the only boy who is brave enough to sign the sympathy card for Hannah. His action inspires other students to sign the sympathy card even though no one did in the end except for Richard as other students were afraid by Abner and Harris. So, it is clear that following your dreams will inspire others.

In my opinion, everyone should follow their own dreams like Richard so that we will feel that life is worth living. I hope I can be like Richard one day, a boy who is strong enough to go through a /lot of hardships to pursue his dreams.

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