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Moral value for captain nobody is family love...
The Moral values in the Novel Captain Nobody are :
1)we must love our family to live together happily.
2)we must be responsible.
3)we must be concern , kinf and thoughtful.
4)we must be brave.
5)we should not neglect our family members.
6)we must be strong to handle tragedy.
7)we must work hard to achieve

And a explanation for the moral value is
- We must always help those who are in need. For example, Captain Nobody helped Mr. Clay to find his way back home after getting lost at the Dumpster. - We must be ready to forgive and be forgiven by others. For example, Newt forgave Reggie for causing him to suffer from a broken ankle and ribs after the water tower incident. -We must have self-confidence in our lives For example, Newt was afraid of heights, but he felt more confident to overcome his own fear and managed to help Cecil.