Tlg saya buat ayat mnggunakan perkataan ni please :
1. agree with
2. apply for
3. back up
4. blow up
5. break down
6. carry on
7. clam up
8. die down
9. dress up
10. focus on
11. get over
12. hand out
13. let down
14. get away
15. move in

help me pleaseeee .
tunggu jap....saya bagi mana yg saya tahu tau....maybe ambil masa yg byk...
4. blow up the tissue
9. you need to dress up because we are going somewhere
when you are angry, you have to calm down
tu nombor tujuh
5. I have break down the branches


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1) I agree with the suggestion that you give.
2. Sheila pestered Suzy to apply for jobs ever since she lost her previous job.
3. Tom called for back up when the raid he conducted turned sour.