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Being a smart consumer is as essential. As a consumer, do look around for the best deals before making purchases. You may be blinded by one good offer when there is another offer that offers a better price. Let's not forget thrift stores, flea markets and second-hand shops. They're great in searching for treasures. Why spend a hefty sum of bankroll when you can get them for a cheaper price. Though they may be second hand, do not forget to make sure they are in good condition. Or it'll be a waste too. Certain outlets reward their customers for loyalty. Do take frequent visits to those outlets as you may even save some money on items you purchase. Evidently enough, being a smart consumer benefits us in many ways.

( I hope this helped! Hopefully not much of a grammar mistake! )
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thanks you soo much
Being a smart consumer is essential.*
Why spend a hefty sum of bankroll when you can get them for a cheaper price?*

Oops my bad hehe
You're welcome :)
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