Jawapan Paling Bijak!
-do not litter
-make cleanliness campaign
-make a cleanliness competition between town and town
-make the rules more better
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I did not really understand yur question but if its writing i will try my best this is some important point : 1.try to understand each other:explanation we have to understand their cultures and theirtradition ....you can add more 2.solve political problems or country problems by disscussing and have a peace talk to avoid from arguing or misunderstanding3:our country is famous with kind hearted people,so we have to maintain it and show others that we are really nice people because action speaks loudly than words .by helping each other ,respect each other and many more .add some...4wehave to gather and help each other to clean our own country to maintain our clinliness .from that action we can also save alot of lives because if our surrounding is clean dangerous insects such as aedes can affect alot of lives and would bring death. prevention is better than cure .... add more i hope this is the answer you want just ask if u need the starting and the closure or more points tq good luck
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okay..thank you
if you want in malay i would rather to help you you are welcome
ouh..it's okay