1.emphysema can be overcome by blood transfusion?
2.application of sublimation
3.how does tides form?
4.platypus is mammal or bird?explain
5.why salt solution is use for dialysis
6.suggest a test to show the arrangements of particles of liquid gas
7.difference of preservation and conseravation
8.electrolysis how is used for industry
9.color of lime water when pheneolphalein is added into lime water
10.advantage of self pollination
11.what action should be taken by researchers in oil palm industry to increase oil content in oil palm fruit

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2. dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) used to make artificial smoke on stage. The carbon dioxide gas sublimes to form carbon dioxide gas (white vapour) at room temperature
7. conservation: protecting living organisms to prevent them from being killed, destroyed / harmed ;.preservation: keeping living organisms in the way they live in the nature
4. mammal because platypus giving birth
Platypus bertelur....
dude platypus lays eggs dont you watch phineas and ferb
The platypus is usually considered to be a mammal because its features are like those of other mammals. For example, it has hair over most of its body and has mammary glands that make milk for its young. It also has pretty good temperature control so it can be called warm-blooded.heres the answers^^
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