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An interesting event in How I Met Myself is when John realise that Andrea and Kati were saved from the explosion at Zsolt's cafe. After the incident, John was upset that he had lost his family. As he walked along Gergely utca, he bumped into his doppelganger, Szabo who pointed out two figures at the end of the dark street. They were Andrea and Kati. John was relieved and excited to have found his family alive. He shouted their names and they hugged each other for a long time. Andrea explained to John that they would have died if not for Szabo who had stopped them from entering the cafe. Andrea at first thought it was John himself. However, when Kati started crying, she realised that it was actually John's doppelganger. He pointed out the streets a fey times before Andrea understood the message. He wanted to ask them to leave the area. Shortly after, there was an explosion. Then Andrea took Kati out again to investigate as she was afraid John would be at the cafe. That was when John saw them walking up the streets. This event was interesting as Szabo had saved the lives of Andrea and Kati. They did not become the victims of the explosion. Without Szabo's help, Andrea and Kati would have died in the explosion.
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