-clean enviroment provides us with clean and fresh air which would help students to learn in a peaceful state and help them to concentrate in class.
-sometimes, enviromental problems such as air pollution or sound pollution could affect how we are feeling
*more pollution=badmood=bad attitude toward others
*clean enviroment=feel good=happy
-Children can play without getting their parents worried of them getting sick // can grow up in a clean enviroment
-Good health

I believe “With great power comes great responsibility."
As we grow up our responsibility towards our family, friends and nation increases. People start to have expectations from us. So as I will grow up people start to have expectations from me as well and it is my responsibility to stand up to that expectations.

Coming to my responsibility towards myself, I always had some expectations from life. I always dream of achieving something big in my life. So my responsibility towards Myself is to not let myself down with the expectations I have from life because I know that 'Expectations lead to disappointment.' I know that I may not be able to achieve everything in my life, I have expected. So I don't want myself to be disappointed at that time instead, I want myself to be proud of what I would have achieved in my life at that time.

And my responsibility towards my family is to make my parents feel pound of myself. I want them to proudly say that 'He is my son'. And I want to give my parents almost every happiness of life. They are the best parents in the world. I am working hard to achieve something great in my life and stand up to my families expectations and I am quiet confident about it.

My responsibility towards my friends is to come together and to be with them in almost every situation of life. Never let them feel alone in the hardships of life.
Because as they say, “Walk alone, walk fast. Walk together, walk far."
And I want to go far in my life.

And at large, my responsibility towards my nation is to help in my nation's development. I want to be a part of nation's growth. I am fully agreed with our PM when he says ‘Sabka saath, Sabka vikas'. He wants every countrymen to be a part of the development. I am helping him in almost every possible way, making sure the development of India by taking part in every mission.
And at last, how do i cope with these responsibilities?
I never let my myself feel the burden of these responsibilities. I always see them as challenge which need to be conquered. They are part and parcels of life. We cant run away from our responsibilities. So just face it.
Thank you :).I forgot to tell that its kinda relate to pollution(environment).Anyway,Thank you :D
oh sorry, my pleasure
Do u have any ideas?what kind of proverbs or idioms can i use for pollution?