It was a hot sweltering Saturday afternoon. A scorching sun hang high above in the cloudless sky. I was hot and perspiring profusely by the time I reached the bus stop in front of a garden. 

            A bolt out of the blue, I heard a lady's screaming. I looked around and saw a motorcyclist was pulling the lady's handbag. She screamed when the motorcyclist who sit behind tried to grabbed her handbag. She tried to saved her handbag but the motorcyclist kept pulling and dragged her along. I was shocked and frighten at the moment. I panicked. I did not know what to do next. 

           At last, the lady let go her handbag as she had been exhausted. Luckily, there were two security guards that was patrolling around the area past by the bus stop saw that situation and tried to helped the lady by chasing after the motorcycle. The pedestrian that saw the situation quickly took out his phone and informed the police about this incident.

          Unfortunately, the motorcycle hit a stone and both the motorcyclists fell down from the motorcycle. The guards quickly caught both of them to prevent them from escaped. After a few moment, the police had arrived. They quickly caught both of the motorcyclist back to the police station for investigate.

          Luckily, the lady was uninjured and she felt relieved at last. The policemen then returned her handbag to her. She thanked everyone that had helped her. Soon, my bus had arrived and I quickly queue up to board the bus. The moral of the story is we must always be helpful and work together when we met the case such as this.