Bully case is increased nowadays.this bully happens when a guy is stress and have to let the stress go.this bully happens when that guy thinks that he is the most powerful at the school.usually that guy have a lot of problem as his parent are always fight in front of him and that makes him want to stop but he can't.so he made a decision to let his rage to someone else who is weaker.
Jawapan Paling Bijak!
To me, my neighborhood is more extensive than just those whose houses are located near mine; my neighborhood consists of friends that I have known for years, and those adults who have touched my life. Those in my neighborhood are all dear to me, and without them I would not have grown into the person I am today. Some of these members have helped me to become more confident, some have helped me to grow as a leader, while others have helped me to learn how to relax and just have fun. All of the characters in my neighborhood are amazing in their own way, and I always love spending time with every one of them.
One of my friends is someone I have only known since sixth grade, but if you saw us together you would believe that we grew up together. She is smart, driven, funny, talented, and sometimes just plain crazy. Since I have known her I have become much more driven, pushing myself as hard as I possibly can so that I succeed. I have also developed interests in a wider variety of activities, of which I may never have thought, if she had not prompted me. Not just this one friend, but all of my friends work their hardest, and their dedication has certainly rubbed off onto me. All of us spend our time striving to learn more, because learning is our greatest passion.
Of those adults who have helped me to grow, most were introduced to me through my mother. My mother has, for a long time, been involved with many non-profit organizations. While working with these organizations my mother met many talented men and women and when I was brought to gatherings I met them too. These men and women are also dedicated to their work, and to many causes. They taught me how to stay focused, even when your competitors are strong and you may not win. They taught me that even if you do not win, sometimes you still succeed. All of the people in my neighborhood are incredible and they all have helped me to be someone who pursues goals and is willing to work to get what I need and to reach all of my dreams. I love my neighborhood, and it is the best neighborhood I could ever have.
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