Based on "Tanjong Rhu" by Min Fong Ho the character that I like is Mr. Li.
The character that I liked, Mr. Li, is a 63 year old, rich shipyard owner who has lost his mother. Mr. Li also likes to count the ships at the harbour. Mr. Li is a caring man, he bought binoculars for his mother so that she can see faraway things better. He also advises his daughter, Ying, to listen to his mother as she prays saying "She have eaten more salt than you have eaten rice."The last but not the least, Mr. Li loves his mother and scolds his daugther, Ying for being rough with his mother. This is why I liked Mr. Li, who loved and cared for his family. 

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1. Mr. Li 63 years old man who is very rich and owned a shipyard and he just lost his mother. Loves to count the ships at the shipyard. A caring man because he bought binoculars to his lat mother just because he wanted her mother to see as far as she can. He loved his mother very dearly and she even scolded her daughter Ying for being rough with her. He was torn between traditions and modern ways. Even tough he was a successful man, he still believed in the parents' blessings in finding comfort and strength.
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