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Once every 10 weeks,office worker Towers Chandler dresses well & looks like a wealthy man.he spend money goes to one of the best restaurants in New York, & eats the most expensive food..one evening,chandler is walking along the street when a girl, comes round the corner.she is wearing an old hat & cheap looking coat.she is moving quickly,walks into chandler,& falls down..she has hurt her foot..he invite she to have dinner together..they make to known to others..she feel sad because chandler is rich..he feel regret about because he didn't tell her the true story of his life..Marian want to marry man who is working..
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so its a love story???????
ianya tntg..seorg laki..x kaya..tp..brlagak kaya..jumpa dgn seorg perempuan kaya tp berlgak miskin..mereka tipu tntg kehidupn masing2..jd yg lelaki tu menyesal sbb x kasi tau tntg hidup dia yg sbnr..
maybe its a love story..