Adolescent or infancy has rapid growth? Explain. 2. Emphysema can be overcome by blood transfusion? 3. Application of sublimation 4. How does tides form 5. Turtle is endoskeleton. Explain 6. Platypus is mammal or bird? Explain. 7. Why salt solution is used for dialysis? 8. Suggest a test to show the arrangements of particles of solid liquid gas. 9. Difference of preservation and conversation. 10. Electrolysis how is used for industry 11. Colour of lime water when pheneolphalein is added into lime water 12. Advantage of self pollination 13. What action should be taken by researchers in oil palm industry to increase oil content in oil palm fruit... Tips je
thank youuuu so muchhh !! btw blh translate tak dlm bm?