In the novel, the railway children by Edith Nesbit, the spirit of family support family had portrayed by Bobbie. Bobbie had shown this spirit when Peter was caught stealing coals from train station. the weather lately had been so cold, but their house does not have coals to light up fire in order to get warmth. therefore, Peter suggest to steal coals from the train station as there were many coals and he thought by stealing the coals in the middle of the heap would not be noticed by the Porter, namely Perks. but one day, Peter was caught in the act of stealing the coals, Bobbie and her sister was shocked and they quickly stepped out from the darkness to beg perks to forgive them. she told perks about the reasons they stole the coals and begged perks so that Peter would not be taken to the police station nor station master.
this quality is fundamental as it can bring a lot of benefits to us such that we can enhance or improve the relationships between family members. in addition, the sprits of unity can also be instil among the family members.