Construct sentences under a meaning spelling sentences given:- 1) anxiously (dengan cemas) 2) jar (kendi) 3)disgusting (jijik) 4)muster (mengumpulkan) 5)annoyed (menjengkelkan) 6)whom (siapa) 7)miracle (keajaiban) 8)beg (merayu) 9)inside (di dalam) 10)over (sepanjang) 11)earnest (tekun/gigih) 12)enough (cukup) 13)fascinated (terpesona) 14)curiosity (perasaan ingin tahu) 15)welling (mengalir) 16)do (buat/siap/boleh/sesuai) 17)barely (hampir tidak) 18)audible (dapat dengar) 19)coincidence (kebetulan) 20)grasped (genggam/cekap) 21)surgery (pembedahan) 22)afford (berkemampuan) 23)real (nyata) 24)exactly (tepat sekali/ sama) 25)faith (iman/kepercayaan/keputusan) 26)strange (pelik) 27)fairness (adil)



1. Sarah anxiously waited for the results of her SPM examination to be announced.
2. Mom likes to preserve pickles in a mason jar filled with salt solution or vinegar, as the jar is airtight.
3. Brad is known as the class slob for his disgusting habits like picking his nose publicly and not bathing as frequently as a normal person would.
4. Rachel could not muster a coherent sentence after staying up all night.
5. Izzati was annoyed at Ru Min for grumbling and whining all day.
7. It was a miracle that Erica survived the terrible accident unscathed.
8. She begged me to give her my jacket as she was desperately trying to keep her shivering body warm.
9. I left my little brother inside my room to avoid him from being bombarded by my nieces and nephews.
10. It took a span of over a couple of days to complete this assignment that determines my future.
12. Thank god I had just enough money to pay the taxi fare when I was lost in the city.
13. The swirl of colors in one particular work of art in the art museum fascinated and inspired the artist in me.
14. My curiosity gave me the courage to walk up to him as about his choice of outfit.
15. Tears were welling in her eyes, threatening to fall when she was watching The Notebook.
16. Please do your work properly next time.
17. I barely had the strength to walk back home after the 16 km marathon.
18. Her voice was so loud, that whatever she said was audible to the whole class. 
19. Some may call it coincidence and some may call it divine intervention that Siti and her love interest wore the same shirt.
20. She barely grasped the concept of the hydraulic jack even after explaining it three times.
21. She went through a four-hour surgery just to extract her four extra teeth, a result of her supernumerary teeth condition.
22. Rashid, with a monthly wage of RM1000, could not afford to pay for his son's tuition fees.
23. He was so ecstatic when his results were announced that he could not believe that it was real. 
24. The identical twins, Nariko and Noriko look exactly the same that even their own parents get confused sometimes.
25. We all should put our faith in god, no matter what religion you may be, as He will not let us down.
26. In light of these strange events, I started believing in the existence of paranormal creatures.
27. Fairness should be one of the main attributes of a king.