Based on short story "Leaving" by M.G Vassanji,there are a lot of moral values in this short story.
First of all, the moral value is we need to work hard to get a higher education. For example,Aloo's mother sacrified their store to have a good education besides his father had passed away. Next,we have to be patient with our parents. As the evidence,Aloo's mother disagree to will his son Aloo to study in the California Institute of Technology which is a famous college in America. But,he never give up to persuade his mother. All his efforts make his mother agrees after Mr. Velji gives them some advices. Finally,we must appreciate our parent's sacrifices. Example,Aloo shows his apreciation with making his family members especially his mother proud of him. He studies at the famous college in America,the California Institute and he also get a scholarship in that place.
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