We must be brave . the children show their braveness when they trying to stop the train from nasty accident . Bobbie bravely stands in the middle of railway track  and waves her flags to stop the train . in the end , they manage to stop the train but the train stops only twenty metres from her .
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Bobbie bravely risking her life to fix Peter's toy engine . She risks her life to go to railway where the engine stopped . She even falls on to the heap of coal before she can ask the men to help her fix the toy engine . Fortunately , the men kindly fix the toy engine for her
The children are brave because seeking for help from a stranger . They ask for help from the old gentleman to buy all the things they need to cure their mother .
In the novel the railway children that I have read in form 3 by Edith nesbit one of the moral value shown in the novel is bravery. the moral value bravery was portrayed by bobbie which was one of the characters in the novel. Bobbie had shown the bravery in the incident of saving the 11.29 train from landslide. one day, when the three main characters namely Bobbie, Phyllis and Peter were strolling near the railway lines, suddenly they hear loud bangs and they found out that there were landslide occur and the train 11.29 was coming. they knew it would be a disaster if the train crashed into the rocks, by then Peter had an idea. he cut down the red petticoats of Bobbie and Phyllis and make them into 6 flags. 2 were put on the heap of rocks while Bobbie and Phyllis each of them took 1 and Peter took 2. even they wave as much as they can to get noticed by the train driver, but the train driver still didn't noticed them. by then Bobbie took a brave decision, she stepped on to the railway lines and finally the train driver noticed them and stopped the train. it was only 20 meters away from Bobbie. but she then sit on the railway lines as her legs shook profusely as she was overwhelmed with fear. Bobbie brave and selfless acts save the train, and each of them were given a gold watch in return.