Sye jwb 2 and 3 2. i. Mengimbangkan elektrolit didalam darah pesakit ii. Mnarik sisa kumuh spt grm mineral yg berlebihan drpd darah 3. Pengekstrakan logam Penulenan logam Penyaluran logam
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1. no because emphysema is a condition of permanent destruction in the lungs, the alveoli unable to function well such that it expanded too much during inhalation and a person would die out of lack of oxygen
2.the shell of a turtle is part of endoskeleton that is exposed outside. it's shell also covered by a layer made of keratin
3. it has same osmotic pressure as the liquid inside the cells. if water is used, it will happen osmotic shock. red blood cell will absorb the water, swells up and burst it would be fatal for a person.
4.- use for decorative purposes such as vehicle bodies and nickel coin
-in cleaning and preservation of the old artifacts