Who can post some example of the novel lessons? I wan the answer of the question "write a lessons that you have learnt from the novel". I wan this answer,I am retake SPM candidate, hope you can help me to solve this problems. Thanks!



I am the one of spm candidates in the year 2015...and I was in UITM right now..I think all the spm candidates in year 2015 had sit for the retake in month of Jun if I am not mistaken..but I wonder why u are the one who wants to retake now..it seems like very late...sorry to say that...but not much I can help u here since I am busy right now for my final semester in UITM...but I still wanna help u as much as I can...I would like u to whatsapp me 0172847059...I think it easier if we can talk there...hope u are ok