#Stand up for what you think is right.
Richard stood up for what he thought was right. For an example, he missed the shot willingly to make the deer escape. He also told his family that he would not hunt any animals. This is because Richard does not appreciate hunting animals.

#Always encourage someone make them even better.
Mr Kilmer always encouraged Richard's poem which will be sent by Richard via letter. Even being busy on preparing to war Mr Kilmer didn't avoid Richard's letter. He always write replies so that Richard can improve his poem writing skill.

#Always support the truth.
Richard was being friend with Hannah Schemer who is a German girl. Hannah Schemer's classmates and the whole village stood against her and her family just because they are Germans. But Richard knows that they are not supporting German in the war and they are not the reason for America-German war. So he befriend with Hannah Schemer and always stood by her side in every up and down.

#This would be my answer :-)

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