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Buat cerita pasal seorg pompuan ni pemdiam.dia selalu kena buli dekat sekolah.lama-lama dia jadi murung.hari terakhir dia nak pindah sekolah pembuli yg selalu buli dia minta maaf.dia balik rumah dia fikir pasal kejadian tadi.akhirnya ".............she left and closed the door quietly"
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btw tq
her sister forgive her.and then one week after all,dia dah blh blk rumah.dgn itu awak blh la kaitkan ending dia dengan cerita yg awk buat.
and wellcome.saya gembira bila dpt th ada org yg sudi trima idea x seberapa dr sy ni
lol. hahaha sokay .. sometimes kene mintak pendpt org lain .. :)
betul tu.ilmu tidak baik kedekut nanti ilmu kita belajar tak berkat.
Tips for essay that gives the ending / more to story telling or knows as narative essays are...

-To let it become very real, as if the reader is the one who experience the situation
-NEVER A BORING ONE. For example, if the ending is about a girl crying, don't make it about death/ loss of anything or anyone. Cliche.
-Have a very unexpected story & plot twist ending

Back to the question.
The Q is an open Q because it can be about, anything!

-Write about an imaginary friend, in your childhood and the ending is about the last time she came & you grew up already and have REAL friends. So she left and closed the door.

-Your mother loves you, cooks for you, advises you, do everything a mother do, but the ending goes with your mother had left you alone since you were little but you're like.... oblivious to the facts. Until one night you were randomly looking through (anything that says your mother is dead) then your mother came in your room then blabla then she left.

Sorry if it's a bit spooky/ my eng is terrible. Hope to help, atb!
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wow well really thanks.. its helped me well..