Simple Sentence
A simple sentence has a subject,verb and object .
A simple sentences must make sense.

1.He buys-booth

2.They visit-bird park


4-ostrich-large bird

5.-ostrich-long neck

54 mata tau



On one sunny day,Andrew and Andrea  decided  to visit the bird park. andrew bought the tickets at the ticket booth.Tey planned to take a look at the ostriches. the ostrich is a very large bird and has a very long neck.........
is this okay?
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It is a windy day. Alif,Ummi and Suraya go to a zoo at the city.As they get there,Alif offer himself for buying the tickets at the ticket booth.First, they go visit bird park.There are a lot of birds such as ostriches. Suraya was shocked that the ostriches are so large.She never knew that because this is her first time saw the ostriches.The ostriches also have a long neck.Suddenly,it's started raining and they have to go back.

The End
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