There are a few types of essays in English...

abstract essays - abstract essays do not really tell you what to do because it depends on what you really want to write, it is your opinion so you are open to writing anything you want but make sure it's not too sensitive

beginner essays - these essays are the easiest to write but sometimes student get carried away while writing. make sure your grammar is good so that your marks can be higher than the others. also remember to write what you know and understand if you're writing this type of essay

tips - make sure you learn some idioms and proverbs so that you can get extra marks... usage of beautiful words also can give you bonus marks... remember to always stay on topic... your essay doesn't only go to a Malaysian examiner but also to Cambridge which means your essay will be checked and marked multiple times... if the Cambridge marking of your paper is high, you might get an A+ and it can also be low if the Cambridge marking is terrible... remember your Cambridge marking is very important for you to get a scholarship or to go working..,