Reggie Ratner has been depressed as students and fans of Filmore High School have repeatedly harassed him and his family, accusing him of knocking Chris into unconsciousness. Newton realises he is the only one who saw what happened during the game so he should be the one to convince Reggie to change his mind. But Newton is afraid of heights. Cecil and JJ suggest Captain Nobody to do the job, and Newton eventually agrees. He feels amazed after putting on the Captain Nobody costume.
Cycling fast to the back of the tower, they hide themselves in the bushes to survey the situation. They notice a broken, unsteady old ladder. The first solid rung is about six feet off the ground, which is too high for Newton to reach. Cecil distracts a policeman walking nearby with his drum play. While the policeman is busy chasing Cecil, JJ helps Newton to climb up the ladder. Unfortunately, just before he reaches the edge of the roof, a strong wind sweeps him against the ladder. His mask gets hooked on a jutting nail and falls off. Without the mask, Newton does not feel like Captain Nobody. He considers a retreat, but decides to go on when he thinks of Reggie Ratner, who desperately needs his help. Reggie is shocked when Newton calls out his name and wonders who he is. Newton introduces himself and tells Reggie that he saw everything that had happened during the Big Game. Newton tries to talk him out of the idea of jumping down from the tower but later finds out that Reggie is only there to spray 'Go Merrimac' on the tower. Reggie's left foot gets stuck in a hole in the shingles, so he is unable h move. Newton helps him to untie the shoe and Reggie is able to pull his foot out.
As walking might create more holes, Reggie follows Newton's advice and wriggles across the roof to the ladder without making a single hole. The news helicopters move closer to the duo and capture their moves. As the ladder cannot take their combined weight, Newton instructs Reggie to descend only once Newton reaches the ground. However, while Newton is moving down the ladder, Reggie starts to descend. Reggie's foot snaps a rung and a broken piece of rung hits Newton's forehead, causing him to lose balance and fall. Newton falls on a massive, inflated rubber mattress whereas Reggie's two-hundred-and-eighty-pound body falls on top of him, breaking his ankle and two ribs. Newton passes out. Newton is sent to the same hospital as Chris. In the hospital, without realizing Newton shouts, “Hit the showers!” Surprisingly, Chris wakes up from a six-day coma!.