1) Appearance can be deceiving
- When Chandler first meets Marian, hr assumes that she is shop girl because she is dressed plainly. Marian, on the other hand, thinks that Chandler is a rich man due to image he projects.
- However, later we learn that the image that they project does not reflect their true selves
2) The importance of character
- Marian is from rich family, and she is expected to marry someone equally rich. However, she feels that she can only love a man who does some kind of work, and not a rich loafer.
- If Chandler had been truthful with Marian, she would let herself fall in love with him. Unfortunately, Chandler dishonesty causes them to miss the chance of true love.
3) Ambition and aspiration
-Chandler has aspirations to live like a rich man.
- He is willing to save a dollar each week in order to have a night out where he could pretend to be wealthy and socialise with the upper class.
4) Class distinction
- There is a big difference in how upper class and the working class live
- The working class has to work hard in order to enjoy the luxuries in life, as is potrayed by Chandler.
- The upper class seems to lead and idle life filled with leisure activities
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