Jawapan Paling Bijak!
1)adelia(ikutlah nak nama apa) is the only daughter of a wealthy bussinesman, Mr.Odin
2)because her dad is rich she did not care bout anything
3)she failed almost all her exam..her main moto on going school everyday is to make everyone jealous of her... cz she is so pretty etc etc
4)her dad odin tried to make her study and stuff but she did not listen
5) her SPM result was horrid (she failed all)
6) all cz hr dad has alot of money that will be inherited by her 
7) one day the dad got so angry with her irresponsible behaviour,that he shooed her out of the house
8) she met a poor old lady, she asked to be pitied  and stay at her hse. but the old lady said i will only let u stay if u help me
9)but she was irresponsible and lazy so the old woma threw her out of the hse too
10) one day she got so ill that she had to lay by the drain. lying down suffering she realised her mistakes as an irresponsible daughter................ camne boleh ke??
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Woah...ini lain dri apa yg sy expect..so amazing...gomawooo...