Jawapan Paling Bijak!
It doesnt matter for student use their time to discuss the topic in group. form group of 4. each should conquer 3 or 4 topics. the most important one you should remember the sequence of the topic and subtopic. and each of you teach the topic that the most difficult one but remember the topic must be understood b4 doing explaination. if you understand the topic you can teach other if not just keep it for yourself bcoz you will make it become worse.

the other way is you must maintain drill yourself with question. i suggest you dont answer the topical question but all topic in one paper. use the time limit.
eg 40q for 40 minutes. then check the answer. if wrong analyze and do correction. you can repeat the q a few times.
eg. paper 1 paper 2 paper 1 paper2
then repeat above q for second time.
if you can do for second n third time means you can undrstand the q but if you can teach other means you already understood.

beside that dont stop shows the calculation even you can do estimation bcoz from
calculation it can give marks to move you to A.

dont give up

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