Jawapan Paling Bijak!
    Environment took a great role in health condition. Peoples living in bad environmental conditions fell more ill and got more diseases than the peoples living in clean areas. 

                                                             There are some works which you can skip if you want to keep environment clean and healthy. These works also keep you and next generation healthy and safe.

1)Quit Smoking: Smoking is injurious not only for you but also for kids and environment. Smoke which is released in environment makes very bad effect on other peoples, which they can't control anyhow.

2)Reduce Traveling: reduce long drives, non-useful traveling and pollution by vehicles. For that keep your AC off when not necessary. Keep your vehicles properly services and pollution check in time. If possible than use public vehicles for traveling.

3)Dispose waste properly: Don't throw wastage anywhere. Properly dispose them at their proper places. Because they also spoil atmosphere and land on which they lies.

4)Save Power: Save power for others needed. Electricity, water and other natural sources are not to be wasted always because they are limited. 
                                           So don't waste them. If they are not more useful for you or extra with you than leave them for others who are in need for them.                                                          

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