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Based on the novel 'Sing To The Dawn' by Minfong Ho. In this novel, there are many meaningful events that has been portrayed (mmg dia nk satu peristiwa jaa..tapi klau bagi lebih lagi bagus ). These events make me never forget and have the mix feelings.

First of all, the first event is love between Dawan and her grandmother. This is based on when Dawan's grandmother take her to walk 3 kilometers with her to asking Noi for help, but she changes her mind to not go to Noi's house. Dawan's grandmother is the only one in the family who tells Dawan that she is really proud of Dawan.

The next event is love between father and son . It reveals when Dawan's father hopes that his son, Kwai, will get the scholarship in order Kwai can study at a city school so he can improves family's life.

At first, Dawan and Kwai are very close. When Dawan's teacher announces that Dawan win the scholarship instead of Kwai, Kwai starts to jealous with his sister, Dawan.

In a nutshell (kesimpulannya), I think ...........(*give your opinion about those events and whatsoever opinion that you think suitable with this novel*)

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