After reading the information from the brochure,which place would you like to visit?In about 50 words write a suitable response.In your response:
a) state your choice
b) give reasons to support your choice
c) add other relevant information to make your writing interesting



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I would like to go to Taman Botani.It is because I like to know about plants. In our country we have many plants such as herbal plants fruit plants and vegetable.We will get to know information about plants.We also got to know many types of herbals tree, fruits tree, flowers tree and vegetables. It is very interesting
saya ada post soalan tu tapi takde siapa yang jawab
tapi i x nmpk soalan kmu.
saya post lagi sekali eh
saya dah post kan sekali lagi
kalau tak nampak soalan saya, just search tolong saya buat essay ni
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After i reading the information from the brochure, i would like to visit Taman Botani. I like it because it is interesting. The park at Taman Botani is dividen into three section for location, so I can visit many place at there likes ornamental plants, flower and preservation and research. Besides, I like it because it will be exciting. Taman Botani have some 700 species of local plants and those from As Asia pacific regions. So, i like to visit to Taman Botani.
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