Nitially called Zadane.pl, the company was founded in 2009 in Poland by Michał Borkowski (current chief executive officer), Tomasz Kraus and Łukasz Haluch. The first million unique users monthly was achieved within 6 months after the release. In January 2011, the company announced Znanija.com, the first international project dedicated to Russian language speakers.[7] Several other versions in multiple languages for the following markets included Turkey (eodev.com), Latin America and Spain (brainly.lat) and Brazil (brainly.com.br). In December 2013, seven new language versions of Brainly were released, include the English language (brainly.com), Indonesian (brainly.co.id), Indian (brainly.in), Filipino (brainly.ph), Thai language (brainly-thailand.com),[8] Romanian (brainly.ro) and Italian (brainly.it) sites. Brainly was initially funded by the co-founders, but then raised funds from Point Nine Capital[9] and Business Angels in 2012.[10][11] In October 2014, the company announced that it had raised another round of funding from General Catalyst Partners, Runa Capital and other venture capital firms.[12] The total amount of the investment was $9 million and allowed further product development, as well as the opening of the US-based headquarters in New York City.[13][14]