Sains darjah 1, there is this question.. bulatkan ciri2 benda hidup with option a. bergerak b. bermain c. bernafas d. tiada pergerakan

my boy said fish is benda hidup, how fish bernafas in water? then he raised this question if human swim kan tutup hidup (tahan nafas) so macam nak nak jawab this question?anyone help me please.... for me answer a, b,c logically correct but ... help me jwpn yg betul n tepat with explanation please....tqs.



C, fish got bernafas,bernafas can also mean carry out respiration,fish exchange gases in water using filament.

a,b cannot because plants are also benda hidup,d cannot because animals are benda hidup
yup tqs so much... been telling him about that too plants,,. swim hold the breath I cant explain,,,, thank you very much Jen, u've been so helpful.