Writing an essay in english is very easy. u muz have 2 write the main points and give declarations for tat points wif some example.... and the main thing u muz write the moral value... tatzz all
To make an essay with moral values needs a good and convincing story that will attract the examiner's attention.

First and foremost, you need to plan out a storyline that touches on any moral values and explain deeply how does the character's actions should be made as an example or should give a wide berth to.

For example, you write about a young girl who always helps her mother in doing the chores at home. That way, you can now state the moral value which is we need to help those who are in need, especially our parents who took care of us when we were young or the girl was very hardworking and kind.

Basically, an interesting yet straightforward story will make it easier for you to do a moral value essay.

hope this helps.
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