*what advantage and disadvantage of junk foods??

*what is meaning of travelling,benefits of travelling??

*what disadvantage of using phone??

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1) *what advantage and disadvantage of junk foods??
Advantages:--Fast food is easy, and while you can resist the strategy they used to encourage you to overeat, such as meal deals, super-sizing and two for one offers, its advantages can help you to eat better. 
-You can practice portion control--choose small, regular, junior or single sizes. 
-You can walk in, order and eat. No delayed meals or waiting for the table for food. 
-You can make special requests to avoid hidden calories such as mayonnaise and special sauces.
-You can split and share with no second charges. 
-Not hard-to-resist high-calorie nibbles greet you at the table. 
-Dessert is not a focal face of the menu. 
-Nutrition briefing is available. 
-The more food for less money pitch encourages overeating
-Large, extra large, big, jumbo, and double portions are the norm. 
-High fat ingredients are plentiful in cheese, fried chicken or fish, bacon, French fries, mayonnaise, and special sauces.
-Can cause many health problems if eaten frequently.
-Vegetables can be difficult to find, aside from small salads, the few leafs of lettuce on a sandwich or, worst, vegetables that are fried, such as potatoes or onion rings. 
-Fruit is not present other than as orange juice or among the crusts of baked or fried pies. 
*what disadvantage of using phone?? 
An Unsafe Safety Standard , Negative Health Effects , Male Infertility, The Effect on Children , Cell Phones and Driving Increased Stress Level , The Effect on the Environment . 
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