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Hi, so i guess this is your question. Factorize 2x^2 -9x+10. 
(*the ^ sign means the power of __ , so its 2 times x to the power of 2)
Okay this is the clue, if you have to factorize three algebraic terms, the answer will be in two brackets, like this: (.......)(.......)
And now its up to you to solve the question as these type of questions do not have any specific formula to solve them. So you have to find the answer by slowly trying suitable numbers to fit in the equation. 

The answer:
Try calculating the answer now by using simple algebra.

2x multiply x=2x^2
2x multiply -2=-4x
Then continue the rest,
-5 multiply x=-5x
-5 multiply -2=+10
Now, join the answers,
Simplify this equation and you will get,

So basically you must slowly find the suitable number to put in the brackets when doing these type of questions. Yes, its kinda time consuming but its not that hard if we keep practicing. Hope this helps, tq :) 

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