Who knows how to hacking an old fb account that we don't know their EMAIL & PASSWORD ? I've try survey on web and keep trying and trying to hack it but it doesn't works. So can u try hacking an old fb account? No...no i don't want u to drop the "hacker" link or "how to hack fb" blog. I just want the real hacker to inbox me. Don't ever u ask me to search on google and etc bcoz i have try many times hacking using the blog showing on the web but i failed. please...ask u friend who knows how to hack fb that we DON'T KNOW THE EMAIL AND PASSWORD. ATTENTION ! EMAIL & Password ! pleasee...comment or drop the helpful answer. Don't ask me why and bla,bla,bla. just sent me a message if u really know how to hack.



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Go n search at youtube.
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it still the same. not works. hah,,.. i don't know la abt downloading softare and whatever... errrrrrrrr ! streesss !! DO U HAVE A FRIEND THAT REAALLLY KNOW HOW TO HACKING FB THAT WE DOESN'T KNOW THE EMAIL AND PASSWORD? PLEASE INFORM ME ASAP