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-his father arrest for spy
-peter stealing coal
-the old gentlemen help to children when thier children ask help
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1.) when mother falls ill  
- mother fall ill. the doctor gives the children a list of  food that their mother needs. mother says there is no money 2 buy the things on the list . the children write a message on a sheet 4 the old gentlemen on 9.15 train. the letter explain what happened to the children's mother and ask the old gentleman 4 help 2 get the things on the doctor's list. that evening ,perks delivers a large box to the children house.... 
2.) saving the train  
- oneday, the children took a walk along the top of the hill beside the railway line. suddenly, they heard a noise and saw half the hillside crashed down onto the railway line below . the children realised that the 11.29 am train was in danger. they used a girl's red petticoat 2 make six flags to warn the train. the train come down the track too fast .bobbie was afraid that it would not see. then, she ran fast onto the line waving two flags. the train stopped just  20meter away from bobbie. 
3.) a birthday for perks