Macam mana nak buat surat yg menunjukkan kta ingin rakan2 kta pergi ke party kta
isi2 penting saja

I would like to invite you to come to my party - various activities will be held such as karaoke ke atau ape2 la yg awk nk -
the party began at about three in the afternoon - all my friends came and we had a lot of fun -
in the party have many fun event...


Dear ..................,

I would like you to come to my birthday party this week.It's gonna be fun if you are here with.I guaranteed my service is the best to treat you as you are my special guest.
First , write your greeting to your friend . 
Next , mention that you are inviting your friend to a party (birthday party perhaps) and hope they can accept your request.
End the letter by writing a simple hope. 

Hope this helps.