Ini Jawapan Diperakui

Jawapan diperakui mengandungi maklumat yang boleh dipercayai dan diharapkan yang dijamin dipilih dengan teliti oleh sepasukan pakar. Brainly mempunyai berjuta-juta jawapan berkualiti tinggi, semuanya disederhanakan dengan teliti oleh ahli komuniti kami yang paling dipercayai, tetapi jawapan diperakui adalah terbaik di kalangan terbaik.
People have different characteristics, so it is very difficult for couples to continue a marriage. A couple like my parents who have different characteristics but who know how to complement each other is successful at continuing their marriage. If I didn’t know my own parents, I couldn’t believe that two such different people could live together very happily. They differ from each other in countless aspects. For example, their physical appearance is the clearest evidence for their difference. My father is a tall and thin man. He has big hands and long arms. Also my father is blonde, while my mother is quite dark. My mother is a short woman. She is nearly 15 cm. shorter than my father. Her hands are so small that her two hands are still smaller than my father’s one hand. Moreover, my mother is a bit fat. I can say that she fits the image of the typical Turkish woman. The obvious difference in their personality is that while my mother is quite talkative, even gregarious, my father isn’t keen on talking too much. My father prefers to listen to people and doesn’t like making too many comments. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like talking, but he talks when it is necessary. Also he is very open-minded and never asks me too many questions about my decisions, my activities. On the other hand, my mum asks everything, what I did, where I was and with whom, why I was there… she interferes with everything and is curious. Perhaps, it results from her worries about me but sometimes it is quite annoying. For example, while I am on my way to Istanbul, she calls me constantly. She knows the mobile phone is turned off but she still calls. In contrast to her, my father is carefree. He waits until I call them. I love this trait of his because it makes me feel free. As I said before, they are my parents and are quite different. But somehow they achieve complementing and understanding each other. In my opinion, it is enough to be a happy pair.