- on last weekend..
- picnic
- unforgettable memory

1st paragraph
- mum pack things . made breakfast
- leave the house at morning
- all excited

2nd paragraph 
- find a suitable place 
- pitch a tent under a shady tree
- arrange the things on the beach

3rd paragraph
- went swimming- use a float
- hungry
- had lunch
- food very delicious

4th paragraph
- evening enjoy the sunset - relax the mind
- packed up the things
- went back home
- tiring but best experience
1 5 1
Last weekend she and her family went for a picnic at the beach.in the morning her mother were preparing food for a picnic.It was an unforgettable memory ..
tu jw
On the way to the beach,we stop to a shop to buy beach ball and (pelampung).
x pyh dah hanter dah pown