write about your experience on sport day which your school organised last week. you have participated in a 100m sprint and won a gold medal because you have been training hard. use the notes below to help you with your essay. your essay must be about 150 words and must consist of 3 paragraphs.

school organised - sports day - school field - excited - participating - 100m sprint - breakfast - mother dropped me off - school field - teacher - classmates - goodluck - the first race of the day - competing with other classmates - initially very nervous - mother told me - keep clam - as fast as - time keeper - whistle - off i ran - managed to be the fastest runner - jot - won the gold medal - trainning very hard



My school organised sports day at school field, I feel so excited. I participating in 100m sprint. After I eat the breakfast, my mother dropped me off at school field.My teacher and my classmate wish me goodluck because I am first race on the day. The competition with other classmates I  initially very nervous. But my mother told me to keep calm.The time keeper blew his whistle and off I ran.I manage to be the fastest runner jot. Last,I won the gold medal because before the race I tranning very hard. I was very happy my mother also feel very happy. 
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