On a chicken farm, the poultry is given a healthy diet to gain weight. The chickens have to consume a minimum of 15 units of Substance A and another 15 units of Substance B. In the market there are only two classes of compounds: Type X, with a composition of one unit of A to five units of B, and another type, Y, with a composition of five units of A to one of B. The price of Type X is $10 and Type Y, $30. What are the quantities of each type of compound that have to be purchased to cover the needs of the diet with a minimal cost?

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bolee type dlam bhase mlayu x ?? kurang pham


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Need : 15a+15b
X = a+5b = 10
Y = 5a+b = 30
X+Y = 6a+6b = 40
So, minimal cost is if buy 3X+3Y = 120