The interesting characters in my school is my teachers... they are very humble n nice.. they are quite unique because you can nvr see them strict... they are very helpful and kind to everyone... n the most important thing is they dont treat u as a student but as a friend... For now this is the most interestingcharacter in my school.
Kalau benda ni berguna... tlg tandakan sebagai yg terbaik
The interesting character in my school is none other than the students in it. Imagine an educational institution without their enthusiastic, rebellious, and diligent personalities. I find the students are very fascinating because of their respective personas. Some are naughty, some are sweet and tidy, others are hardworking or a wonder to behold.

Besides, I think students play a vital role on making a school well-known for they are stars of tomorrow who will shine in the future. 

Therefore, I think it is wise for me to say that the students are very interesting.